Saturday, March 6, 2010

bbq, bathtubs, & beijing

*TiME OUT* I respectfully took myself out of the running for the BBO 2010... I actually think we all did....but if we didn't... Kara wins.


*TiME IN* and Dane are in town, and when they are in town, it's like your favorite Aunt and Uncle are in town and they just spoil you. It rocks... So the team met up Friday evening in QHD
before hopping on the 7:30 pm train to Beijing. We went for our favorite... Korean BBQ!

We like to raise our hands when trying to decide who will eat what.

This hand is raised for the oh so delicious chicken wing!

We admired the almost married girl's beautiful ring!

And what makes this place a little bit cooler than the others is the apron you get to wear so you don't make a mess!

After a pretty peaceful 2 hour train ride to Beijing we made it to our pimpin' hotel!

The bathroom in the room had an actual bathtub/shower. It wasn't just one combined room. That's pretty unheard of here in China.

She loves pictures as much as I love pictures. I love her.

After some much needed sleep we were ready to start our Saturday.

Now don't we look ready to party?

We went to this little fancy Chinese chain restaurant and got some grub.

It was good to be together.

We went to the ice skating mall and did some creeping on Chinese skaters...

Really pretty interesting as it turned out. We did this for a good 30 minutes before we decided we should probably go down on the ice and creep on them up close...

Turns out we were the only 3 who wanted to creep. And by the word creep in this sentence, I just mean skate.

But they cheered us on from the glass window!

The little kids wear helmets, Spiderman helmet for this kiddo.

And this little star wore all his gear. So cute.

While they cleaned the ice....

We did what we do best.


So once the ice was good to go, we got back out there and skated our hearts out...

Kara is a pro!

And even texting AND taking pictures at the same time...
Did you know that Kara used to take lessons and compete as a child? I learn something new everyday.

Later that night we dominated some Peter's Tex Mex... it's a Beijing favorite... enchiladas, nachos, and a crazy good piece of pie. I forgot to take pictures... I was too into my food. My bad!

Once we got back to the hotel we had a friendly competition game between the campuses.

Who knows each other better!?
We were asked questions about our teammates and our answers had to match up with theirs...

I got so into it I started sweating. I had to win this game!

It got intense. And there may have been some smack talking!

But at the end of the game...

Team Sci-Tech took home the gold. And by gold I mean Crunch bars!

The game served its purpose though...

We all learned things about each other, we laughed a LOT, and some of us sweated.. a LOT.

I am blessed to be here with this team.


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