Saturday, February 18, 2012

date night

Marshall works full time now and when he is home he should be studying for his first round of board exams in March. So when the weekend rolled around I was beyond excited to just get to be with him.

We lounged on the balcony in the sun (he studied, I napped), we caught up on some TV, and we decided to go out on a little Saturday night date.

Which included...
 A trip to Lowe's for pruning shears.
 He humored me by taking pictures in the middle of the store.
 Self timered of course.
 After leaving without the pruning shears because he felt he could get them cheaper somewhere else we headed to dinner.
 Now we are burger connoisseurs. And we needed to see if it was better than our favorite  burger joint, Five Guys.
 The verdict is in. It's not. Five Guys trumps all.

However, the people watching was incredible. This particular location is a teenage hot spot, and we enjoyed watching one of the workers hit on every girl that walked in.
 Also, these 80 year old twins were just precious. Actually have no idea if they are 80 OR twins. But they wore the exact same jacket and looked pretty similar. So I'm going to think they were twins.

After our burger stop, we hit up Target to see if they had the shears cheaper...
 They didn't have the ones he wanted. 
So off we were to Home Depot to check their selection out.
We also saw 5 suspicious looking high school boys who were buying products to grow weed. This is what Marshall told me. I have no idea what you need for that. 
Home Depot had just what we wanted AND 5 dollars cheaper than Lowe's.
Thanks Marshall for being so adamant on finding the cheaper price.

We went to multiple stores but we didn't even run all around town to do it. Phoenix has more shopping on every corner than I have ever seen. It's glorious.

Our Saturday night might sound super lame to some, but we were together. No study books, no computers, no TV. Just together. And that is something that is so precious to me.


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