Saturday, February 25, 2012

car wash, sun, and bball

Our Saturday was a pretty good one.

We enjoyed the sunshine.
Marshall listened to his lectures and worked in my Aunt's yard
Excited to be able to have a yard to work in.

 I also enjoyed the sun.
No yard work for me. I painted my nails and caught up on 100 reasons to love AZ.

Marshall had a hair appointment so we ventured out.
Went through the $3 car wash.
Because car washes are awesome on a Saturday afternoon.

My aunt had tickets to the ASU/USC basketball game for a teacher's appreciation night or something... 
Principal Lady Nancy and her teachers.

We aren't fans of either teams, but why not? Gave us something to do and a new area of Phoenix to check out.

Not being fans of the teams let us focus our attention on those around us.
Like the camera man. He was interesting.

This blurry pic of this old man. He was a very energetic fan.

And a very strange couple. No comment.

 After dinner we took Lady Nancy out for her first froyo experience. (Or rather, she took us out... thanks for paying, we got you next time, ha!)
We sampled and sampled until we didn't need to sample anymore.

Successful Saturday. 
Hope everyone else had an enjoyable Saturday.



Kara Pyo said...

ahh! I want some of that warm sunshine! I also want to come hang out and paint my nails with you! I actually dreamed last night that we moved to arizona and you and I just hung out all the time while our boys worked and studied. sounds delightful, doesn't it?

Heidi said...

that is the best dream ever! oh please!