Wednesday, February 22, 2012

my iphone and a walk

We keep trying to have after work evening walks... but my roommates don't make it home with enough sunlight left to have a decent walk. So this morning I went alone. Plus my phone. I snapped a few pics of the neighborhood so you can see where we are bunking for the next 3 months.
The area of Phoenix is Ahwatukee, but she lives in Club West.
Doesn't that just sound so fancy. 

The houses all look a like to me. So you really have to remember where you live.

Wooden fences. No way. Everyone has big walls like this.

Grass is rare. Rocks are the norm.

 Obviously the cacti are everywhere. But my favorite ones are the old and broken.
They get help.

I really feel so blessed to get to live here.


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Kara Pyo said...

So lovely. I wish I could explore your neighborhood with you. Better yet, I wish you could help me explore mine. I'm scared to go out by myself...