Sunday, February 5, 2012

future walkers

My friend Kara- the one from Oklahoma who I taught with in China, who met the cute Korean, and fell in love, got married, stayed in China, is now pregnant, and moved to Korea- you know that friend Kara. She is about to have a baby girl and she posted on her blog how she used "baby morpher" to show their version of her baby.

You have to go read her post, because the picture of her child does not even make sense. It is so incredible, and I can't stop laughing about it. 

So I decided to morph Marshall and I's unborn, unconceived child. Just because I'm not preggo doesn't mean I'm not curious how hilarious they will make my child look. Like Kara, I used 2 completely normal photos of Marshall and I.

Here is baby girl.

A few thoughts on her. 
She isn't bad. 
Her side braid is an interesting choice.
Her hair cut on the other hand looks like I gave it to her myself. 

And now for the boy...

This kid freaks me out. Let's try and look past this hair, wait, you can't. It's disgusting.
The first thing Marshall said, besides a laugh, was "He has a (whatever the fancy optometry name for a lazy crazy eye is)" 
Ahhh, the hair...

I'm so glad that the only one who knows what our future (wayyy future) children look like is God. Not 
Thanks Kara for giving us a ridiculous activity this Sunday afternoon! Make sure to check out Kara's picture. And laugh and laugh and laugh. And go make a baby yourself!



Kara Pyo said...

haha! why do all the children have such crazy hair? i should've posted the other pic we got....the girl was is a bunny suit..?!

Valerie said...

I'm doing this.

Me said...

Is it just me or do they both look a bit ethnic?

Whitney English said...

hang on a sec

emily said...

Oh my. This post was hilarious. I do not know your friend Kara, but her baby's picture from is great. And your baby girl & boy photos are pretty awesome too. That boy's hair...superb! Thanks for the laugh!!