Sunday, September 25, 2011

five guys

We headed back down to the Italian Market.
The sun was actually shinning today, and it was hot, but we needed to get these people a traditional Philly cheese steak.
We prefer to go to this little window joint by Marshall's old house. There is never a line, and it's cheaper than all those tourist joints. Plus they have all kinds of good hoagies.
I think they were a hit.

We walked around for a bit then headed out of the city.
Side note: This man has a parrot and he puts him outside in this tree and the bird doesn't fly away. He just sits there and makes crazy noises and scares you. Weird.

Ever since I have moved here I have heard people talk about "KOP". I needed to get to KOP. And I needed my mom to go with me.

KOP is King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. It has the biggest mall I have ever seen. It is 2 malls attached together by a walk way. Both malls have some of the same stores and you really get lost in this one.

It is about 30 minutes from our house so an easy shopping trip. The guys brought their study materials (dad, flying. marshall, eyes.) and us girls brought our walking shoes.

The boys however ended up at a brewery INSIDE of the mall, drank beers all afternoon and watched football. No studying was done.

We met up for dinner at the Reeves favorite hamburger joint.
It really could be my dad, brother, and sister-in-laws favorite place. Oklahoma just got it's first one, an hour plus from Stillwater, and my brother drives it often.

This was Marshall's first Five Guys experience.
He has lived here for 2 years and never has gone. What a crazy person.

My dad was not pleased with the amount of fries we were given so took it upon himself to get some free. If you have been before you know they give you way more than you order. They give you the cup size full then add a whole lot to the bottom of your bag.

My dad didn't believe that they filled the bottom of the bag enough. So he told them how much he loves Five Guys and showed them the picture on his phone background of my brothers and their sons in front of a Five Guys. It's Five guys in front of a Five Guys. They are obsessed.

After closing down the mall we headed back to the city. We were on the same side of town as the art museum and it was still light outside so we stopped for some picture opts.
It was fun, exhausting day.

Shopping can make you so tired.


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