Thursday, February 2, 2012

PA to OK

We made it to Oklahoma! After 2 days on the road, and driving through 6 states, we made it.
I didn't snap too many pictures along the way (because I was driving our car most of it) but here you go...
My dad flew in to help us and we were so glad he did!

 The mess of our house.

Loading the Uhaul. You can tell how tiny our street is considering cars park on the right side.

 Our great neighbor Patrick helped us load.
Also, our furniture has to go through the window because our front door is too small!

 Saying goodbye to our first little home!

Ready to drive.

We found an Amish buffet in Indiana.... who knew?

We pulled into Owasso late last night and we unloaded the truck into storage this morning. 
 The guys were trying to get the gas out since it had more than we need to return it with.

Boys being boys...

Thank you dad for everything!! We appreciate you so much!

Tomorrow Marshall and his brother drive to AZ and I will drive out next week.
The gas stations are loving us this week.


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Anonymous said...

I miss eyre!!!