Sunday, February 26, 2012

stitch it with super glue.

I'm not a mother. And not ready to be yet.
But when I heard Marshall yell up the stairs to me"Heidi.... I need help" I knew something happened. And my maternal side kicked in.

He had been working in the yard again cutting branches.
And, he also cut his finger.... his middle finger.

He probably actually needed stitches, but him being a boy, he just slapped some super glue on it and called it good.

I also almost passed out at the sight of all the blood and his open wound. 
Which means, when I am a mother, he will have to handle the nasty cuts. 
I'll wash the dirty clothes.


1 comment:

Hannah DeVries said...

Nothing better than Marshall giving all your readers the bird:) I hope he has a quick recovery!