Wednesday, February 15, 2012

tacos, eyes, and olive oil

My mom headed back to Oklahoma yesterday (thanks again Mom for driving out with me!) so here's a little update on what we did our last few days. 
Besides shopping of course. 

If you have never had the joy of having real, non tex-mex, mexican food, then you have never truly lived. My mom grew up in Arizona, spent 30 something years here. She misses real mexican food. So  she needed it before leaving. Finding the perfect place is something tricky. And we all know the best places are the ones you have to question a little bit.
My mom and I were out running around town when we stumbled upon this jewel. We walked in and could tell it was going to be a winner. And it was an old Quizno's. So it felt a little bit like home.
Tacos and enchilada. Delicious. I need to try everything on the menu.
Bonus, they had free chocolate for Valentine's Day. 

 My mom and I cooked and froze some meals.

We went to one of my mom's favorite restaurants Kona Grill
I did not eat this. Because I do not like sushi or crab. But I hear it's delightful.

 Marshall is working on an Indian reservation in Sacaton, AZ. It's about 30-ish minutes from my aunt's house. We all drove out one day to have lunch with him and check out his new digs.
 He's so professional and smart.
 He also gets 3 free meals there, which means my wifely duties just lightened a whole lot.
Perfect. Just what I need. An excuse not to cook.

My aunt had heard about the Queen Creek Olive Mill for years now and had never had a chance to go. So we decided to drive out there and check it out.
They had a little cafe with delicious food. And you can sample all the olive oils.
So we got some bread and let the sampling begin.
Chocolate olive oil, I think I'm in love.

Now that my mom is gone, Marshall and my Aunt Nancy are working all the time, I am left to explore this place during the weekday alone. 
Could be interesting.



Kara Pyo said...

mmm. I want those tacos!

Jessica said...

that mexican food looks AMAZING!!!!! i am drooling over here. you guys are the cutest - wish i was there! xo