Sunday, May 20, 2012

weekend # 1

Being our first weekend in Colorado you would think we would have been all about getting out there and exploring our new location. 
But we weren't. We were tired and lazy and just wanted to lounge around. I think we were still recovering from the move and it was cold (I really am missing hot hot hot). Plus our bed at this new house is so comfortable. I don't ever want to leave.

So Saturday day I didn't. Marshall never has time to just chill so we were taking full advantage.

But then we decided we should get out and be social. Marshall's friend and his wife live in south Denver so we met up with them for dinner.
It was my first Ethiopian food experience and it was a lot better than I thought. I kind of have an OCD thing about eating with my fingers and food texture but after I got over that I was into it.

We were still tired so we headed back to the house and watched the Thunder beat the Lakers with our roommate! Go Thunder!!!
Have I mentioned we have a roommate here? One of Marshall's classmates from Philadelphia is also doing his rotation at the same doctor's office so we decided to live together because it's a lot cheaper. I'm sure he will pop up on this blog. His name is Marc for future reference.
Poor guy has to deal with Marshall and I. He should talk to my aunt for tips.

On Sunday we woke up and went to a random church in Boulder (so hard trying to find a good church) and then met up with my friend Andrew, for lunch. We grew up together and he has been living here for 3 years so he showed us around like the locals do.
After lunch we walked around downtown and ended up in a toy store.

 And then the boys wanted to continue Sunday Funday and have a beverage.

Despite our laziness, it turned out to be a great weekend catching up with old friends!

Can't wait for more great weends.



Always Maylee said...

Looks like you had fun in the toy store! I'm loving your green bow flats by the way. :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Ashley said...

haha your "lazy weekend" sounds like one of my busier ones ;) hope ya'll find a good church soon!