Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Night Noodle Nights

I agreed to help the school with a voice recording, this meant I had to wake up and go to the main campus real early this morning. I didn’t actually know what they were wanting me to do…. apparently it meant I would have to read a 10 page translation with some crazy Chinese words thrown in the mix. Fortunately, I have experience with being the voice of places. I was once the voice of Whitney English...tear...

Now I am the voice of Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology

They gave me some money as my “gift of thanks”. It is paying for our train tickets next week. So waking up early finally paid off.

I had class after the reading and there was no chalk in my class. So I went next door and this is what I found….

What a beautiful and exciting moment. This is how I know I am becoming a teacher. A good box of chalk brightens my day...

All day I was looking forward to my dinner. Winter introduced us a few weeks ago to this really great noodle restaurant. It is a good walk from our school but worth it. You get your OWN huge plate. It is full of calories, fat and deliciousness.

This however is not delicious. Bowls of fish I believe? Sitting on dirty stairs next to a dirty wall with the fire extinguisher next to it. At least they are prepared for a fire... just in case.

Tuesday night Noodle Night. I love you.


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