Saturday, December 26, 2009


We always mention to Robin how we want a good massage. He never really tells us anywhere good... until now. He told us about a place that he has never taken foreigners before, but he wanted to take us there. He described it and it sounded like a spa.... we were excited but remember, in China it is never just as simple as a "spa".

When we got there Kylie and I were separated from the boys. We needed a Chinese with us. We didn't know what to do.

They gave us some sweet pajamas to put on.

Kylie and I just wanted a massage. So we did the hand motions for a massage and they took us the 3rd floor and sent us to this hotel room thing. We thought we were going to die. 2 guys came in and started rubbing on us. Full body style. They even cleaned out our ears. It was so funny. We couldn't relax much because we were laughing so hard at some points. But it was worth it!

The boys found us finally after they had been to the hot tubs, saunas, and exfoliated each other. They even had the matching dark pink pajamas.

This place was a dream world.
They had a crystal sauna thing to lay in.

And these couch/recliner things in a dark room, with personal t.v.'s at each one. The boys slept here while having a 45 minute foot massage.

After sleeping for 5 hours on these couches, playing some pool, and taking a pretty incredible shower, we enjoyed a free dinner buffet where everyone was wearing the matching pajamas. The pictures can't describe how incredible this place was. You have to just use your imagination.

Spa Day Rules!!



Kara said...

if I didn't live here in China with you I would think you were making this stuff up. but alas, I know how legit your days are. I love it.

Ashley Smith said...

I must say that I love reading your updates. I laugh usually several times while reading :). So glad that you are having so much fun! Who is this Marshall boy anyway? He seems like a keeper :) Happy New Year! ash

Creek Supervisor said...

They let you sleep 5 hours on the couch? How much did you pay for this amazing experience?? $5??