Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday Fun Day!

Saturday's in Qinhuangdao are meant to be random. This Saturday was nothing short of that.

We wanted clothes made, and where better to have them made than in China? So we headed downtown to the Kai Li Market (Hobby Lobby on steroids) to pick out our designs, fabric, and bargain for the best deal.

We needed our professional translator, Robin.

Marshall had some suits made (FYI: this is not the fabric he chose)

I am having a darling coat made. I will photograph it once I pick it up... in 5 days. China is great.

After a busy day downtown haggling the Chinese for a few bucks, we met up with the rest of the teachers at DD for their Christmas party with their students. They needed us to act and be roles in their play.


Mary, Joseph, and baby J


The hottest of the Wisemen

Cider and Snacks

And even creepy Santa made an appearance.

I love Christmas.


1 comment:

Kori said...

Why is that not the fabric Marshall chose? It looks pretty snazzy. And I'm confused... is that Robin helping him try it on?

Please post after pictures of your clothes!

Also, the angel is amazing.