Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve we canceled classes and hit the slopes! 1 hour and $10 USD later Robin, Kylie, Marshall and I were skiing on some man made snow. Now I have never skied before so what an experience to learn in China.

First things first... I had to learn how to stand!
The 2 who tried to teach me, the China man in the red hat who would yell the only English words he knew, banana, pencil, apple.. and Marshall. What a patient patient man. Can you imagine, trying to teach me?

He was dragging me around. Hoping I would get a feel for it all....

And at the beginning this is how I felt.

But with time, 1 fall, and a little patience with my self I was flying past those Chinese crazies.

Speaking of crazies, Robin is one crazy skier.
It was only his 2nd time to ski and he was fearless.

The ski lift is also pretty unique trait of this place...

You grab the pole and let it take you up the mountain...

At one point during the day the power went out so the lift stopped working

Robin and Kylie's look of disappointment.

Skiing on fake snow makes for interesting scenery.

Half snow-Half grass/dirt

I love skiing in China!
Merry Christmas Eve!


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