Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ice Chair Skating

I love Sunday's because I get to spend the day with the team, have great conversations, and eat delicious foods. This Sunday was especially special because Marshall got to see how I do my Sundays. After our family time some of us where headed back downtown to do some shopping.

It ended up being the couples... Jessica & Justin-married, Heidi & Kevin- dating, Marshall & Heidi- in loooove. As we were on the bus we took an impulse stop and it ended up being the best impulse decision I have made in a long time.

We were walking toward the river and had to cut through a park to get there. Of course Marshall became giddy and we had to stay for a while.

Adult work out Parks provide the best photo opts

So does this guy.

He loves them.

And he is already a pro. I had some difficulties getting my leg that high.

After the working out we were heading towards our destination...

Ice Chair Skating

You get in a chair...

And you just go for it.

Why has this not hit America yet?

Impulse bus stops are the best!


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