Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chinese Birthday Boy!

Marshall had a birthday. The big 2-7. Since I am such an amazing girlfriend I took him to do his favorite Chinese activity... Adult Work Out Park- Olympic Style.

Before we got the work out equipment we of course had to stop and pose for some party pics.
If you look really closely you can see us...

We stumbled upon this.... dog??? It attacked me. Chinese dogs are crazy.

Then we finally made it to the desired destination....
He is turning Chinese.

Seriously. He is a Chinese man sometimes.

After the big work out it was time for his b-day dinner. Since he is an amazing boyfriend he said he wanted pizza!! He knew we wanted pizza... we didn't argue... We went downtown for some fancy pizza.

We were excited after looking at the menu with pictures!

Robin and Winter were not as excited as we were.... they wanted chicken wings. That made them happy.

We couldn't end the celebration without a visit to...
Beer. Coffee. Tea.

"Thanks, The Management" performed for us... (Kevin's band he has always wanted to start)

It's his birthday!

And Robin finished the evening with his typical back massages.....

Happy Birthday Boo!


1 comment:

Marsh said...

Beer, Coffee, Tea was definitely the most interesting bar I have ever been to. Also, I didn't realize that Chinese man and I were doing the exact same exercises (and had the same pose.... weird).