Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years in Beijing!

Marshall's flight left on New Years Day, so we went to Beijing the day before to bring in 2010. We spent the afternoon haggling people at the silk market trying to get a good deal on some crap we probably didn't need. We then walked for a good hour to make it to The Bookworm so I could buy a Lonely Plant book on Thailand.

This place, The Bookworm, is what any great college town needs. I am working on the business plan for my father.

After a bite to eat there and a delicious beer it was time to meet up with some friends and bring in the New Year, China style.

We went to this area of Beijing that is like 6th street in Austin, or someplace that feels anti-China. We were meeting our friend Brett, who is a teacher in QHD, but there we made some new friends...

This guy... well we don't actually know who he is, I think he is Irish? But he was dancing the entire night, by himself. He did some moves that I wish I could recreate. I filmed some of it, and if I could figure out how to upload the video you would be laughing and enjoying it right now. Sorry.

Brett and some random guy, the guy with the backwards hat... We don't know him. But he sat down and just started talking to us. I think he is Australian... but he was a party animal.

At midnight he insisted we all stand up and have a group hug... We were the only ones who participated. He also tried to start the "Chinese train" as he called it, that consisted of just him and maybe 2 Chinese girls.

I really enjoyed meeting these 2 love birds...
Anna and David they are teachers in another city. They have some of the same feelings about China as we do... DANG CHINA!!!

I love meeting foreigners in China.

It was strange to be in China for New Years... The Chinese do not celebrate like we do. I did however see a few foreigners with some skanky outfits on... it made me feel like home. But it was a great end to 2009. I got to spend it with my boo, what more could I have asked for!?

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Next year I will be in America. So get ready.



mongrel said...

The best New Years' Eve ever!! Even though the Chinese people were really confused about what was going on...

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