Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You for calling Whitney English...

This week in class our topic is "Interviews". Real exciting I know. But my kids are graduating and I felt we needed some real life applications for once... And since I have had so many jobs in my time I thought they could learn from me and all my experience... haha! I have gotten to reflect this week about my interview with Mrs. Whitney Kolb. First, I cant believe she ever hired me. And second. I miss that lady and that place. A Lot. A lot more than I ever imagined I would miss a "job". But it wasn't just a job. We were the definition of the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back. But with a lot of still professional business likeness...?

Every good office needs a PPC (Party Planning Committee)

And we were just the ones to plan and party! And I must say Chelsea and I had some pretty excellent office parties.

Pedro the Pinata lives on in our hearts forever.

We love holiday parties!

Spidey and The Bee sold more this day than any other day.

And every office needs a challenge to keep their staff motivated...

A Water Drinking Challenge.

Every office has departments. And some of those departments just dominate.

Team Customer Service dominated the world!

And every office needs an office romance. A Jim & Pam, a Kelly & Ryan, a Dwight & Angela. Take your pick of which office romance you prefer. But remember to keep it classy..

I prefer Jim & Pam. (No pictures of the 2 of us in the office together. We had to work in between falling in love :) haha!)

What is really great about that place are the relationships.

We heart ketchup.

The last supper.

Going Away BBQ Party!

Office Christmas Party Party Pic!

And when I decided that I was going to leave everything I have ever known and go to China for a year to teach English, they didn't fire me. They supported and encouraged me every step of the way. They continued to love me and let me be apart of their team. They didn't get mad that I wasn't going to be there for the insane holiday season, or for Fridays when the real crazies start calling, or even when their babies are going to be born. They just loved.

And when it was time to say good-bye, they drove to Stillwater for my going away party, and hung out with my friends and family. And they showed how much they care.

So I think I have a lot of experience to share with my students. I may not be an A+ interviewee, but I have more to talk about than just that. I have definitely told them how important finding a job is that you love. That you can find true friends in the office. It is simply amazing to me see how He has guided this crazy journey every step of the way. Just think, if I would have never taken the job right out of college with the big scary mean man, I would have never wanted to quit, and would have never stumbled upon Craigslist and applied for some random job. I would have never met these people and my life would not be the same. He is so good to us.

As the great Michael Scott has said,
"I think the main difference between me and Donald Trump is that I get no pleasure out of saying the words: you're fired. "You're fired." Oh, "you're fired." He just makes people sad. And an office can't function that way. No way. "You're fired." I think if I had a catchphrase it would be "you're hired, and you can work here as long as you want." But that's unrealistic, so."



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What a wonderful testimony! I knew I picked good people to work with, thanks for the confirmation!

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Ummm, where is this magic office and have you filled the vacancy yet??? XXOO