Sunday, December 6, 2009

I love Sundays

This sunday family time was at Tim and Kara's school, which means a really warm, cozy "apartment", Christmas decorations, and something baked from Kara's heart! We first met Jessica, Justin, and Heidi at the bus stop.

Justin bought this panda hat for Jessica in Beijing which makes for really great photo opts.

Justin is terrifying.

After a wonderful Sunday with delicious baked goods from Kara, amazing togetherness time, BBQ, and group Glee chatting, it was time to go. Kevin had to get back quick so he splurged for a taxi. We all 5 piled into a taxi and started cruisin'. We thought we were going to make it back without troubles until the driver made a strange left turn.

We turned into construction zone city. We went off-roading in the taxi, a little extra bonus we didn't have to pay for. We kind of thought we were going to die, our driver was taking us to a far away dirt hill to eat us or something. We thought maybe this was a short cut? But it isn't even a road? We realized our driver was kind of confused so after about 15 minutes of laughing and confusion we called trusty Robin to bail us out as usual. Robin talked to the driver, 2 minutes later the driver got us to a road and in the middle of the road this is what we saw....

ROBIN!!! We don't know where he came from or how he knew where we were, but our little guardian angel Robin saved the day. I am telling you this man never disappoints!

Then tonight we showed Elf to a few of our classes. I can't tell you how hilarious it was to watch it with 100 Chinese students who have never heard of an "elf" or "santa's helper" before tonight. They laughed at most of the normal funny parts, but they laughed really hard at the parts that were not funny at all. Which then made it very funny to us. Students were even taking pictures of the movie....???

On our walk back from the building to our dorm we heard a dance party going on. And that is just what it was.

Apparently every Saturday and Sunday night the students dance. Group dances, line dances, Chinese dances. Why have I not heard about this? Well you KNOW I joined in. It was FREEZING, but after about 5 minutes of dancing I was sweating. I now know what my weekend plans are for the rest of the year!

I love this place.


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