Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

In my grandparents living room 36 years ago today, my sweet hippie parents vowed to love each other for the rest of their days. My mom with her long flowing hair and true seventies lace wedding dress, my father with his long stringy hair, slim body, and blue tuxedo took the plunge and said "I do"!

If I had access to their wedding photo it would be on here guaranteed. But I don't.

But what I do have are my memories. I want to share some of my favorites of my 2 favorites....
They are incredible parents who love, teach, support, and encourage their children.

And my what beautiful children they have! (My only picture with both of my brothers at the same time...and it's over 3 years old. Sad.)

They have taken everything they have ever done as parents and are using it with their grandsons! They are wonderful grandparents to 3 precious little boys!

They hold them.

They teach them about the things they love to do!

They lay with them.

And when they learn to walk, they hold their hand and walk with them.

These little boys are the luckiest little kids and they don't even know it.

I am pretty lucky myself. My parents have taught my brothers and I what it means to love. To truly love.

I give some credit to these 2 for being such great examples.

They love a lot!

Why are they so cute?

Thank you mom and dad for everything you do and continue to do for our family and others! Never have I known 2 people more giving,caring, and hard working than you both. I have grown up watching you 2 love our Father, love each other, support each other, and love your children. Thank you for teaching me what a marriage is supposed to look like. I love you more than I could possibly say. I wish I could be there to take you to dinner and tell you in person how blessed I am to be your daughter.

Congratulaions! 36 years, woooow! Happy Anniversary! I love you! I miss you!


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Lynn said...

Of course you made me cry again! I love and miss you soooo much