Saturday, December 12, 2009

A little piece of America.

Adam, an American teacher at our school not with our team but still our friend, celebrated a birthday. And we love birthday celebrations here.

So Robin and I waited while the troops gathered.

Adam wanted Korena BBQ. We felt total Asian at this joint.
We got to take our shoes off. It got kind of stinky and cold, but worth it for the feel of Asia..

We ordered lots of food
It did not last long...

And the fuwuyuan (waitress) had to creep over kylie to keep fixing our burner.

But she just laughed.

Birthday dinners are always fun.

There were birthday presents!

Pictures with Kevin because he looks like Dennis The Menace with his hair growing out.

And Robin. He is like my Gram, when she drinks like 3 sips of wine she is tipsy. Robin is like Grammie.

We had great company, delicious food, and Robin (not pictured, he wanted to take our picture)

All through dinner I kept talking about this new place that I have seen but yet to go in, "Beer Coffee Tea" the name just is enticing isn't it? I finally convinced everyone to go, and we hit the gold mine with this place. It feels like America, except for the entire Chinese staff and Chinese menu. It is close to our school, clean, hip, trendy, and you don't feel like you are in China. You feel kind of... cool there.

Beer decorated Christmas tree.... classy China.

Crazy slanted glasses. That is my fancy glass of orange juice. Best OJ in China.

Reminds me of my sweet momma!

They have a small stage with microphones for singing. And you better believe we sang all night. We were the only ones there except the workers, but they enjoyed it.

And at one point in the evening I looked over and saw this....

Robin massaging Kevin. And Kevin enjoying every minute of it. It was beautiful.

I love how I keep finding things that I love about my city.

and p.s. I am currently watching New Moon, yup it's still in theaters. I bought it for $1 downtown. I love my city.


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