Sunday, October 30, 2011

stillwater for a few more hours

Warning: There might be a lot of pictures of Jett in this post. He tends to make sure he is the center of attention, and all we really do is just watch him.

After being so exhausted from a night of dancing we woke up, said our goodbyes (the newlyweds were also saying goodbye so we all got to experience that day after awkwardness, I love it) and got on the road.

On our drive home we made a pit stop in OKC so that I could have a lunch date with some friends. It was killing me being in Oklahoma but not seeing any of my sweet girls.
I even got to see Kiner!
I just saw her and Cathy in New York a few weeks ago, it was weird seeing them so soon again!

We said more goodbyes and headed back to Stillwater. My Aunt Debbie flew in for a few days to stay with my Papa so that my parents could go to the wedding, so we needed to get back.
Have I mentioned that my parents got a dog for my Papa? She is a Westie rescue and Papa named her Gracie Jo, after my Grammie Jo. So sweet. She is a little mangy but she is such a lovable dog and keeps Papa company and that's what matters.

Jett came over to hang out.
We had a tea party. My mom was the waitress. Jett kept drinking the water in the cup and then dumping it on the carpet. Hey, if it keeps him entertained, then who cares!
He loves his Mia.
And his Auntie
Have I mentioned how much I love being with family? Philadelphia is fun. But it's not our home. We need family around us. 

I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my brother Eric and his family in Virginia. Those 3 kiddos of theirs need a good dose of their Aunt Heidi and Uncle Marshall. I miss seeing them growing up! Why do we all have to live far away? Why does airfare have to be so expensive? Why can't we have our own private jet? So many questions.


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