Sunday, October 9, 2011

who doesn't love six flags?

We continued our journey with the Bryants to SIX FLAGS, New Jersey style.
Together we would like to hit every amusement park in the country... and even beyond.
We consider ourselves amateur roller coaster enthusiasts. 
We love them.

 There was a lot of excitement happening. 

 Getting in the map.

 Roller coasters make us happy.

Valerie has a few back issues, so her Six Flags experience was mostly spent waiting in line with us for  an hour, then walking across the ride to the exit. Suck. So we rode a few rides that she can ride.

 Like the parachute that takes you up, and takes you down! 

 Total ride time maybe 6 seconds. But it was still fun!

 You must sport the fanny pack at amusement parks. The only bag that is allowed on any ride.

Valerie cold also ride the log ride. 

 And with it being 85 degrees in October on the east coast, it felt gooooood.

Scott has a love for ketchup like I do. 

roller coasters + good friends = guaranteed great time

If you have ever wondered what it takes to work at Six Flags watch the video below. They all do this to signal the ride is safe and ready. However, this guy would do this to no one. No one was watching him, he was the one to push the button to start to ride. Overall, this signal is amazing, and probably a good work out when you do this so much!

We need to start planning (and saving our dollars) for our next amusement park adventure


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Hannah said...

six flags is the best!! I went for the 1st time this past summer with friends, They started me off on the biggest one first, after that I was hooked :)