Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Tower Wedding!

About the time the OSU game started was about the time the family needed to start getting ready. So like the good friends that we are, we walked right into their hotel room, kept them company, and made sure they had food in their stomachs and drinks in their hands!

We also put ourselves to work. Ironing, doing hair, accessorizing, and even sewing last minute buttons!
Once they were all out the door heading to church it gave us a chance to get ready ourselves, and of course continue our pre party. 

 The gorgeous bride and I minutes before she walked down the aisle!

 Mother of the Groom looking stunning!

 Grandmother of the Groom Betty Tower, and Rhonda

 If only this wasn't blurry. That face is priceless!

The ceremony was in the old church that the bride's dad used to pastor at when she was growing up. Sooo personal. It was a quick, sweet ceremony and we were out the door! Those are really the best kind.

The reception was out in the country at a family friend's home. A beautiful ranch with a stunning view. While it was a bit chilly, it was such a perfect location no one even cared!
The name cards!

 First dance.

 Shout out to Betty Tower! She is a devoted follower of this blog and one stylish lady! Love her!!

 Groom Matthew and I being normal.

Beautiful bride!

 Matthew and Momma Lynn

Love my family! 
 The newlyweds will be living with this guy, JESUS, for a week when they get back from their honeymoon! I'm not sure who is the lucky one here. Jesus is a pretty cool dude.

 It got cold and Matthew busted out these hats for his groomsmen!
 My dad's head was cold so he put a napkin on his head, so Matthew lent him one for a bit.

They had cute pictures of them when they were little.
 This is a maybe 3 years after we met the Tower family!

 Betty and Larry Tower!

Because Marshall couldn't be there (stupid optometry school) we took a picture so we can photoshop him in. One of these days he will be there for the special events!

 Later into the night, after the dancing got going, Halloween costumes were busted out!
 I am a firm believer that costumes make anything instantly taken to a different level.
Fake tat sleeve.
 One beer left.
We had lots of fun. Great wedding. Amazing people to celebrate. Such a fun night!



Valerie said...

you are a great wedding documenter + i like your blue dress!

Jamie said...

Super Duper wedding pics!!! Love Jets tea party. Have you seen the Pinterest pin that says: " No matter how old you are, no matter how badass you think you are, if a toddler hands you their ringing plastic phone, you answer it" Love it!