Tuesday, October 25, 2011

this one time in china....

I learned how to knit. I learned a lot of things living in China for a year, but one thing that I haven't done since coming home, is knit.

My friend Kylie and I wanted to learn. I had this idea I wanted to make Marshall a scarf for Christmas and it would be the most romantical gift every. My students told me this was a very special gift to give someone you love. And I don't craft. So this was big time for me. We asked our student and dear friend Winter to teach us.

 She worked those giant wooden needles with perfect strides.

Kylie and I on the other hand...
 We struggled.
I only had a few weeks before Marshall came to visit for Christmas so I had to get to business..
My little fingers knitted day and night. 

And I finally finished.
Now that scarf was the saddest excuse for a scarf I have ever seen. It was HORRIBLE, it had huge holes, the width wasn't even, it looked like an animal attacked it. 
But Marshall acted like I was the best knitter in the whole world and this scarf was worth millions.

I suppose it was a romantical gift.
But I was determined to make a BETTER, less holy scarf.
In a pretty fun color.
And I did. And so did Kylie. Her first one was pretty awful too.
These scarfs are our 2nd experiments.
I think Kara even started knitting in China too.

I also made another one after this. No more holes. Take that ugly brown man scarf.

You might be wondering why we are going down this memory lane of Chinese knitting. I realized I have forgotten about the 4th one I started in China and have neglected finishing. 

I found it all rolled up in my closet and I think it's about time I finish this 2 year long project.
It's almost done, that's what's sad about it. 
It doesn't have much work left to it. 
I'm just lazy.
Story of my life.

Now I have something to do while I sit in front of the TV.

Next I need to learn to knit something other than a straight line.


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Kara said...

knitting and watching tv go SO well together.