Friday, October 28, 2011

rehearsal dinner time

My mom and I woke up early on Friday so we could hit up some shopping on our way to Gainesville, Texas (where the wedding was). My dad was flying in (he loves to get his hours in anyways he can) on Saturday morning so we could work the hotdog cart for homecoming. 

We made it to Gainesville just in time to pre party before the rehearsal dinner!

It was an honor to be invited to the rehearsal dinner, I love food and I love celebrating 2 amazing people! 
 The bride and I!

 And the oldest Tower boy, Andrew, gave me a hard time because I didn't post a picture of him on my Tribute Tower post. Here ya go. Good pic...

Candace and her sweet daddy. 

 The happy couple. They were soo calm and collected. Ready to get married!

The Tower boys and I.
These boys really are like my brothers. Matthew's roommate couldn't believe that we aren't actually related.

The dinner was a great time to celebrate Candace and Matthew and got us ready to get them married off tomorrow!



wfayew said...

Matthew's clearly off-limits...but what about the other two? They single? haha.

Heidi said...

One for sure is single, the 21 year old, the oldest... well we are all trying to figure that one out!