Sunday, April 3, 2011

C & M

Sooooo much has happen lately I don't even know where to begin. So I might just not...
I'll hit you with my highlights of the past week.

This is my oldest friend in the world Matthew.
He just came home from Iraq for 2 weeks for his half way mark and proposed to his girlfriend Candace.

This is his fiancée Candace.
We have only actually been real life friends for maybe a month, before we just facebook stalked each other. But she better like me now, because I love her. You hear that, Candace, love.

We had a little get together celebration for them at my parentals and somehow it ended in a photoshoot.
Did you know they have magazines for the sophisticated groom?

I could not be happier for the 2 love birds! I need him to get back to Iraq, so he can get back to America and get married, and I have an excuse to fly home!
(it's always somehow a little about me right?)

And on a completely different note I went home with Cathy this weekend to her home town of Altus, Oklahoma. I love going to Altus.

This photo was on the mantle of her parent's home.
She has been taking arm shelf photos for forever. Can I get a HECK YEAH!

We had a pretty eventful trip that consisted of a tour of the new buildings in Altus, celebrating Cathy's 90 year old neighbor's birthday, eating dirty Mexican food, and watching a picture slideshow of the girls trip to visit me in China.
It was just what I needed with my best girl.

For some reason I took very little photos. However we did manage to snap this pic on our way home.
I love western Oklahoma.



Kara Pyo said...

that picture of cathy made me laugh out loud. loudly. (love you cathy!)

Emily said...

ooooh my gosh. i don't know which is worse: the jeans cathy is wearing in that picture or just the picture itself... yikes!

Cathy said...

Kara - I love you too! You are still my #1 celebrity crush.

Emily - Heidi made me give those jeans to the goodwill right before I moved. Can you believe it? I loved those things!