Saturday, October 8, 2011

dog museum

We went and picked the Bryants up from the bus station. 

We grabbed some lunch, watched the Sooners dominate (I'm married to a Sooner... I must support my spouse now) and we decided to go to what looked like could be the most perfect place for Valerie.

Turns out, it was not a museum of swatches and cool fabric.
 More the fabric of our lives.
aka, you have to be really artsy to understand it all. 
Not cool.

After that we stumbled upon a flea market.
 Who doesn't love a flea market?

 Lisa Turtle shoes?

 Val made that green jacket she is wearing. Talented lady, huh?

We headed back to the house so we could sit there and eat brownies and dork out on our computers and wait until it was time for our next great adventure.

Val doesn't get the chance to go to Target too often in her great home of NYC. So we went to a ghetto one. But it doesn't matter. It's still Target.

It's sort of tradition that we always buy matching things, so we did just that.

Next was the really exciting event.

For those that are so fortunate to have a bazillion Sonics in your town it might be hard to fully appreciate this. Not until your Sonic is taken away.

So we went into the hood to let them enjoy a little piece of home.

It was so exciting we had to get out of the car and eat. 

We love our random outings with them! 
Why can't we live in the same neighborhood?



-Sam I Am- said...

is there anything better than sonic tots with friends?! i don't think so... so glad you guys had fun!

Valerie said...

i'm wearing our matching shoes today! hope you are too!