Friday, October 7, 2011

oklahoma in philadelphia

Marriage is all about compromise. And growth.
And tonight I did a little bit of both.

We went to the theater, wait, I can't lose my street cred....
We went to a show...That sounds better.
And if you know me. You know that sitting for 3 hours watching people act on a stage isn't my cup of tea.

But for my husband, I will do anything.
And if it has anything to do with Oklahoma, I will do anything.
Background for those that are not familiar. It is about a small town family from Pawhuska, Oklahoma in August. It has won a bunch of awards and probably put Oklahoma on a map for a lot of people.
We did have a few bones to pick with the cast/directors.
  1. EVERY TIME someone was going outside they would grab their jackets. You do not wear jackets in August in Oklahoma. I wanted to scream at them every time they picked up their jacket.
  2. In one scene they went to the store to get wine and a few groceries. They came back with the win and groceries in one bag. You can't buy wine at the same place you buy your Wonder bread!
  3. There is a Native American in the show. She was totally Jewish. But there aren't a lot of natives up in these parts, so I guess they didn't have a choice.
They tried so hard to sound like they weren't all from the east coast. But their Okie accents were not believable to real Okies. But overall, it was a great show. We laughed, there was a crazy twist, and I didn't fall asleep! And it made us miss Oklahoma even more.

I'll go to plays everyday if it's about Oklahoma.
Except for Oklahoma. That one I can't do again.


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