Saturday, October 15, 2011

day 4. niagara falls!

We said goodbye to Toronto and started our journey home.
But we had to make our stop at Niagara Falls!

We were told that we should not see it from the U.S. side but from Canada side.

U.S. side is not the good side for views.

We couldn't decide if we wanted to do the boat tour... it was so cold and rainy already... 
I don't think Marshall wanted to hear me complain.
And I feel good about not doing it.  
We could hear the people screaming on the boat. 

It was pretty amazing to see. 
If anyone has the opportunity to go spend the extra $1 toll, bring your passport and see it from Canada.
But probably go in the summer time. It was just a little cold.

After our Falls stop, we made the drive back to PA.

And when we got home our street was having a giant block party... that started at 2:00 pm... and was still going at 11:00 pm...
It feels good to be home.


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