Wednesday, October 26, 2011

home for the weekend

So many of my favorites are happening tomorrow. 
 and in no particular order...

Southwest Airlines
Taco Bueno
The Hideaway

Okay those last 3 are food places. And obviously I can't eat them all in the first hours I am back.

Or can I.... 
I only have a few days..... 

I have to make it count.



Kara Pyo said...

taco bueno, braums, and hideaway are the three things I miss most in this world right now. eat extra for me! :)

-Sam I Am- said...

have safe travels!

wfayew said...

Taco Bueno is probably my favorite thing in the entire world. The closest one is 3 hours away and I SERIOUSLY contemplated driving there for my birthday dinner last year.

Kendra said...

us too! going to oklahoma, flying soutwest, and eating at braums immediately.