Monday, October 10, 2011

NYC for the day

2 of my girls were in NYC for the week hanging out with celebs and being sassy. I decided to head up for the day so I could spend some QT with them.

We walked. And walked. And made pit stops along the way.

For tacos and corn of course.

After we ate a snack, we walked some more.

Destination: The Brookyln Bridge.

 Once we finally made it across, sweating of course, we needed another rest stop.

That of course meant a nice cold one.

 This man was taking pictures with his giant iPad. Which I guess isn't that  weird. But it was weird.

 Crouching Tiger hidden dragon.

Senior picture pose.

 After our rest and beer we needed food, again. So we stood in line (I have done a lot of line standing the past 2 days) for some pizza, and it was hot. 

An hour later, we were seated and some happy girls.

Who doesn't love fresh mozzarella. Yummm.

We decided to take the water taxi back over (Megan didn't know it existed and she lived in Brooklyn) 
Best $4.00 ever spent.

After what was a glorious sunset boat ride we walked to Bryant park and sat until it was time for my bus.

It feels so good to just sit and chat with great friends. 
 The past few days I have had a lot of friend time. It's good for my soul. I wish it happened more often.



SukeLephens said...

I'm sure Kiner just talked about how much more fun she had with me when we were in NYC together. Sorry about that.

Cathy said...

I love that you are only a plane ride away. Once a month. That's our plan. Kisses.