Friday, July 13, 2012

car rides and famous people.

 I have had such an eventful week that I haven't even had time to open my computer. And I'm okay with that! After a great couple of days doing nothing back home, I had to get back to my "home" in Colorado. Flying standby again, I didn't know what flight I was going to get, so I decided to forget the fast airplane travel and drive 10 hours with our dear friends the Towers, Marc and Rhonda (parents friends, but also like my family), and Candace (their daughter-in-law and my good friend, remember her wedding here). They were already planning on  driving because they were racing in the ZOMBIE race that is this weekend!
*full recap of the zombie race with an overload of pictures to come*

We didn't take hardly any pictures on our road trip, (Kansas is so boring to drive through) but we did watch a movie.
And we laughed and laughed and laughed. Every time is still just as funny as the time before.

We also hugged a bear once we got to Colorado.

It was so good to see Marshall once we got back. I know we were long distance for so long, but being married and seeing him everyday makes it way harder to go days without him! He was so sweet and gave Candace an eye exam.
I love watching him work.... hotttttt.

One morning Rhonda texted us that the entire American Idol top 10 from this year were at their hotel. Giant tour busses and all. Apparently they were on their tour. She kept seeing them walking, eating, singing (okay no, but that would be funny if they were just singing at the breakfast buffet). 

One night we ended up just handing at their hotel and we were on a hunt to see at least one of the contestants. 

We were in the elevator going to sit outside (with our glasses of wine in hand) and sure enough two of them were on the elevator. Thank goodness it was the only two that I knew. My Aunt Nancy watched it when we were living with her and so I would watch with her, but never really became emotionally invested.

We saw the one with the curls, DeAndre and the short tiny girl who sung at the Thunder game, Jessica.
They were holding hands. And didn't think anything we said was funny, which I believe probably was. So we all get off the elevator and they are still holding hands and they walk towards the front door and take off into the parking lot. So we decided to sit and wait and see if we saw anymore Idol action.
Marshall wasn't that much into our celebrity stalking.

But we sat and talked and laughed and it was a pretty great evening.
Apparently Phillip Phillips walked in when we were not on lookout. Darn.  I don't even know what he looks like so I wouldn't have known it was him. But at least I could have said I saw him. And DeAndre and Jessica didn't come back while we were there... someone needs a chaperon...kisses.

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