Saturday, July 28, 2012

stripes, planes, and hugs.

We headed over in the morning to see the kiddos.
They were playing outside in their PJs looking cute.

 I love much they want to do exactly what the other is doing.
Pryce was eating an orange, then Jett wanted an orange.
Except the hugs... Pryce isn't ready to wrap his arms around Jett and give him a big kiss yet. 

They are like little twin babes!
I love the looks they give each other!

We headed back over to their house after they had all rested.
The big boys went out to the airport to check out Papa Chop Chop's new plane.
Jett seems so grown up to me now. Maybe it's the whole big brother role, but seems more like a grown up toddler!

The rest of these pictures make you kind of dizzy. 
They match. 
The pic where Pryce looks like he is in pain kills me.
It's so funny.
Teri was holding Pryce and then Jett wanted to hold Pryce. 
And then tried to hug him.
His hugs look like strangles.

He's a lover.


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Kara Pyo said...

Can Pryce use chopsticks?! He seems young, but our nephew was a pro at that age. Maybe you need to bust out your dino chops. You still have those, right?