Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surprise! I'm in Oklahoma!

I've had a fun couple of days.... 
We decided that I was going to use my last buddy pass (thanks to Marshall's uncle for the passes) and fly home and surprise my family! We told my brother so that he could help me get home from the airport and it was sooo fun!

My brother brought my sister-in-law, Teri, and his son, Jett, along to pick me up at the airport, but they had no idea and I had no idea they were in the car so it was a double surprise too!

They told my parents to meet us for lunch so I could surprise them.
My mom's reaction when she saw me standing in line to order for food!

It was such a great surprise, my dad's first thought was that something was wrong or I was pregnant and I flew home to tell them! Ha!
Nope. Just wanted to see the family for a few days!

I didn't want to do anything but hang out and that's exactly what we did!
I realize that most of my pictures are of Jett... and no one else... 

I love that my brother and I were able to pull the surprise off.
Thanks for your help Aaron!

It was a quick few days, but I'll take anytime with these people!



Hannah Lesley said...

Love this! And how do you make collages with your pictures? And we need to hang out!!!!!!

Kendra said...

This post made me insanely happy! I just love your mom's surprised face.

Sami said...

Aw what a sweet idea! I've always wanted to do something like this but unfortunately I have a huge mouth so I suck at surprises :) You pulled it off though!