Saturday, July 14, 2012


The alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. It felt like Christmas. 
We were about to become zombies!

We signed up to be zombies in March for the Run for your Lives Zombie 5k. We have been waiting patiently ever since, but the day finally arrived. As zombies candidates we were given professional zombie make-up, a free t-shirt, and a free beer! The Towers were in town to run the actual race. As zombies we were take the runners flags, if all 3 flags were taken, they were considered dead (but could still finish the race obviously). The course was intense, so we were glad we decided on being a zombie versus running... woah. 

Anyway, on to our transformation and events of the day!

We had to be there two and a half hours early.
We could wear whatever we wanted, so we decided on 80's style Denim Dan and Denim Danielle zombies.
Because who doesn't love an excuse to wear all denim cut offs....!

Once we got through all the check-ins we headed up to the make-up station. I really wasn't sure what was going to happen but it was pretty darn cool.
They sent us through stations, they ripped our clothes, gave us prosthetic bites, air brushed our sunken eyes, and applied chunky nasty blood and dirt to our face.
Face make-up finished, pre blood and mud.

The next line was where they threw mud and blood all over you.
The blood is cold and wet and doesn't dry very quickly and sticky! My camera was full of sticky blood.

Marshall's chest bite.

My face bite.
(that my hair kept getting stuck in. eww)

After we were finished with make-up we all just stood there waiting for it to start. 
We literally all looked like a bunch of zombies, standing very still with our hands at our side, not moving... moving meant blood dripped down your back and butt and you couldn't move your face a lot because your face was covered in gunk so we all just stood. 
Very zombie and eerie like. 
It was funny.

The Towers were racing in our heat so we were able to see them for about a minute before we had to get to our section. 
In the perfect world we would have taken about 100 more pictures with them, but zombie duty called.

We were the lucky zombies, we were the only section that had a tree and shade.
I would have been lobster zombie if I was in direct sunlight for 3 hours.

Our section was at the end of the race so it took a while for people to get to us. So we did what any modern zombie would do.
We texted.

We had 2 kid zombies in our group. And kid zombies are always the creepiest.
Their dad owned the property the race was on so they got to party too.
Every time a runner would see them they would yell "BABY ZOMBIES, HOW CUTE!!"
And the girls did not like that, they would yell 'WE'RE KID ZOMBIES" And then they would take their flags. They were good and scary.

When the Towers made it to us they were covered in mud and exhausted!
But they stopped for pictures. 

After a couple of hours of harassing runners and taking their flags our shift was over. I was glad because it was hot and my zombie noises were getting weird. I accidentally meowed at a runner and the runner said "CAT ZOMBIE". I also "rarrred" at someone, I apparently was also dinosaur zombie. 

We headed to claim our beer and find our friends!

After, we left the amazing people watching festivities and went to lunch.
These pictures don't do us justice.... we were DISGUSTING. Actually, check out Rhonda's hair... it is covered in mud and felt like a helmet. Incredible. (Sorry for calling your hair out Rhonda... but it's so awesome). 
I would have left my zombie make-up on but apparently you needed special stuff to get it all off with... umm no thanks.

The day felt like a dream. It was perfect.

I think I've found my calling... to be a zombie extra. No, a professional zombie. 



Robyn said...

oh my gosh-you guys look seriously scary!

Bethany said...

This is the coolest 5K I've ever heard of! So cool!!

Elle said...

looks like so much fun! i've never heard of a 5k race involving zombies but I am all over it! :)

Brittany said...

Is it weird that I think you are a bit model-esque as a zombie? Love it!

Michelle said...

This is seriously awesome. I NEED to be a zombie immediately. A cat zombie, actually.

Valerie said...

This is my favorite thing you guys have ever done.

Hannah DeVries said...

Your zombie poses kill me. So amazing.

Jo said...

THIS. IS. AMAZING! Sign me up!

rooth said...

You guys look CREEPY - the makeup artists were good. This seems like so much fun