Sunday, July 1, 2012

My first 14er...

****WARNING: This post is photo overload! Don't say I didn't warn you.*****

My friend Kendra and I decided that we (husbands included) should go on a hike on Saturday. I told them to pick a trail because they know better than us.

We were told we were going to hike Mt. Bierstadt.
It's a 14er. 
If you aren't familiar with the term "14er", it basically means it's a big accomplishment and it's going to be a simple hike.
We had no idea we were doing a 14er. Also, this is apparently the easiest one, but who cares! Bring it on giant tall mountain that never looks like we will ever reach the top.
So we started on our journey.

 We stopped along the way to take pictures.
 And to catch our breath. We seriously couldn't go a minute without wanting to fall over.
 So pictures were a great excuse for a break!

This lady and her motivational tee motivated us.

Kendra's husband Ryan had hiked this mountain before so he knew how much further to go. But I really didn't think we were ever going to make it. It looked so far away, and I didn't see it getting any closer!
We stopped for granola bar breaks.

But then we reached the rocky portion of the trail and we were told we were "getting closer". Isn't that what everyone says as they pass you the opposite direction.. "you're getting closer. about 15 more minutes" 

The last "15 minutes" (I have no idea how long, it felt like forever) to the top was all giant boulders you had to just go for it and hope it wasn't wobbly! 

But after two and a half hours later from the start all our hard work was paying off... we made it to the top!

 And as SOON as we got to the top it started snowing!
 I love snow in June!
We immediately threw our rain jackets on and chowed down on the best PB&J sandwiches ever made.
 Okay, they were normal PB&J but after hiking that beast it tasted like a juicy filet.

 Of course we took some more pictures after we ate and the snow stopped.
 Disney World pose.

I booty danced on the top of the mountain.

 Kendra's dog was the toughest dog, the cutest dog, and the most energetic dog on the mountain.
Way to go Z!

This picture looks like like this stranger is taking our picture, but really he wouldn't get out of the way so we could take a picture!
 Much better!

Romantical picture... which we never take.
Marshall did a boob grab. Go ahead. You're at 14,000 plus feet. Why not cop a field!

 Thanks Ryan and Kendrafor making us do this!

A lot of people had signs that said "Mt. Bierstadt, 14,065 ft" but we didn't know we were hiking such a thing so I said "lets use our fingers!"
 Our first picture was backwards and said "41" because I don't understand mirror images... I'm like the girl from Mean Girls who puts the body jewels on backwards.
 But with the help of my smart husband I got it figured out!

 After a quick R&R we headed back down the mountain. Which was just as hard as going up!
But when we reached the parking lot it was such a glorious moment of accomplishment.

 And then Kendra and Ryan took us to a little local awesome ice cream/ fried anything place.
We ate our fried green beans and shakes and enjoyed a beautiful ride back though the canyon. 
It's fun having friends around.

We had so much fun, checked an item off my bucket list, spent the day in awe of God's beauty, and got some much needed exercise 
My body is however feeling it today. Oh my. I can't walk up stairs.

p.s. Sorry for the photo overload. I figured I haven't posted much in a while so it's my blog. I do what I want. And I know my mom and dad looove it!



Robyn said...

looks like great fun-well done!

Ashley said...

I love all the pictures (and love) in this post!! i've actually never been hiking but i think i need to go! looks like so much fun!

Valerie said...

I can't believe how many people are hiking up it at the same time! It's like the Disney World of 14ers. Also, I am like your mom, and loved all the photos. I even could have used more.

Kendra said...

NEEEEVER too many photos, you got some good ones. And I can't believe we really did this?!

My legs are jello. Still.

Hannah Lesley said...

So proud and a little jealous. Can the Lesleys come next time?

p.s. I need that heart shirt. Like yesterday.

Madison Claire said...

I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I love all the pictures