Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bowling and Burgers.

When I went home to surprise my family last week I also went to a surprise birthday party, and actually decided last minute to drive back so I could go to the party!

My parent's good friend, Paula, was having a birthday and her husband and daughter wanted to surprise her with something different. Her husband, Brad, wanted to go to bowling and eat at the bowling alley. I honestly haven't been to the bowling alley in my hometown in years and I can't remember the last time I actually ate there. No one actually  eats there. But Brad, said they used to have the best burgers in town. And I don't pass up a burger, so I was down.
I love hanging out with my parents and their friends.
I hope one day I can be as cool as all of them.


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Ashley said...

i love a good surprise party! AND bowling. i suck at it (we're talking my highest score ever is a 100-sucking)....but it's so much fun! love all the pics - and those colorful feet!