Wednesday, March 14, 2012

week recap.

From the looks of my pictures from my few days home, it looks like all I did was play with Jett.

But that's not all.
I ate, I worked, I shopped, I slumber partied with Patsy (Paige, Betsy, whatever you want to call her). 
But for some reason, all I have pictures of is playtime with Jett.

My brother got him this bouncy house for his birthday and I hadn't seen it in action.
It's awesome.
But you get suckered into bouncing with him because you can't say no when a tiny human is saying your name over and over and asking you to bounce.
This is what he looks like when you stop bouncing. Just kidding. This is what he looks like sometimes on his landings.

My roomie, my Aunt Nancy, flew in to hang out with my mom and my Papa.
Not to hang out with me. We hang out all the time in AZ.

Kay Kay got in the bouncy house.

Mia got in the bouncy house.
See, you can't say no.

This kid is obsessed with his Mia. 

And when his daddy gets home from work, no one else matters!

And this happened.
Remember I am this kid's aunt.
 I am filing these away in my "embarrass my nephews/nieces file"

I was trying really hard not to stick my butt in his face....
But I did.


I head back to PHX (airport code for Phoenix, I feel like all I ever do is check flights) early tomorrow morning.
I'm flying standby so prayers I get a seat!

Excited to see that studying husband of mine!


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