Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This girl!

After HOURS and HOURS on the phone with airlines and airport people who could go find Robin for us we finally tracked him down and was able to get him on a flight to Dallas. His layover was in Chicago... of all places during this bad weather... we knew we HAD to get him out of there or we didn't know when we would see him.
Luckily Megan and Robin had already partied together in China and were well acquainted.
And not to mention she has a pretty big heart so she didn't even think twice about it.
So Robin is chillin' at her house while she is at work. To be a fly on that wall....
Now... we just have to get him to Oklahoma City in this blizzard....

He might be partying with Megan for a while.

Thank you Kiner for your heart, your friendship, and your love for serving those in need.



Kara Pyo said...

I'm so glad you found robin and that megan is taking good care of him. hopefully he'll make it to you soon.

Megan said...

Loving this post, Renee is a life saver too!! She's spent more time with him than I have!