Friday, February 25, 2011

love for the fanny

My dearest friend C over at Girls of the Wild Frontier dedicated a blog post today to her fancy fanny pack.

I wanted to support her and the pack. She has a fancy Coach fanny, but there are many different packs out there and somehow I own 3.

One of my favorites is my "Heidi loves Mickey" one that my grandmother made for me.... when I was 22.... I took it to Disney World.
And wore it with pride.

Everything you need is right there on your hip. It might not look the coolest. But I'm telling you, you feel the coolest.

So don't be ashamed of looking like a tourist. Embrace it.

Thank you C for reminding the inter web of it's greatness.


1 comment:

Jamie Walker said...

I completely agree! Function over style! Plus who's to say it's not stylin anyway?