Sunday, February 13, 2011

roger that


After church my dad took us on an adventure.

He's taking flying lessons and wanted to show us his moves.

So we buckled up.

Kissed momma Lynn goodbye.

And trusted these 2.

We checked out the iPad for frequencies and flight paths (do I sound smart?)

We flew to Ponca City and back, about 25-30 minutes.

They still have a LOT of snow!

We made it back to Stillwater safely but not without a few scares :)

Actually Papa Chop Chop was very professional and safe. And I'll admit it was pretty cool.

After our trip we were so hungry so we took Robin to our favorite little Asian place in Stilly, Cafe 88.
He approved.

And since the weather was finally nice today we took Robin on campus.
I still don't know why he was making this face...

I'm not sure if he had more fun on campus or if I did.

Man, I miss sunny college days.



Girls of the Wild Frontier said...

Is Robin eating the lib? That's the most unique pose I've seen with Edmond Low.

Jessica said...

looks so fun! i think i love him, by the way :)