Saturday, February 26, 2011

the little things

I wish I was the type that enjoyed crafts. But I'm not. God didn't make me that way.

That's why I have people in my life that push me to get that stuff done.

With the help of my mom going with me to the Hob Lob (I get overwhelmed with the options) and my sister-in-law Teri helping me get started I got a little wedding project started.
You'll have to wait till the wedding to see the finished product.

And on a completelty different note I got a new nail polish!

OPI "I Vant to be a Lone Star"

I just love how a new color can make your day.


1 comment:

Nancy Branch said...

Are you sure you just don't like showing off that big bling bling ring?? Love ya and miss ua!