Thursday, February 3, 2011

reunited and it feels so gooood

Late last night we drove to the city and awaited our lost friend.
Cathy, Kori, and Bailey were also there but for some reason I don't have that group pic. Just imagine their excitement!

After what seemed like an extra long drive back to S-town we got some sleep (Robin slept for 2 hours) and then woke up and went exploring.

First stop. Work.
Robin gave my dad one of his famous massages.

He took notes on the people he met.

And learned the ropes.

Then he converted to a true Cowboy fan.

We went and ran some errands next. The pharmacy and the bank. But of course we did the drive thru.
Robin then said "American's are so lazy!" Yes Robin. We are.

I also have to remind him to wear his seatbelt, his response to the seatbelt "I thought they were just for decoration"

Also stop signs and red lights make him laugh. If anyone has been to China or heard about the driving there then you will understand his comment when he said "It is more efficient the way we drive"

Next stop the Asian Market.

And then we took Robin to Quizno's for a beverage.
He went Mt. Dew. He calls it "green bubbles".
And he had his first bite of a turkey sandwich.

He entertained himself on the iPad until lunch.

Lunch was at Eskimo Joe's even though their food sucks. We knew we had to take him there while he was in Stillwater so we might as well get it over with.

He cut his chicken sandwich up and then it ate it with his fork and knife as chopsticks.


We hit up happy hour and then went home because Rob was sleeps.

But we didn't let him sleep. We played Kinect.

And air hockey.

And foosball.

And then we waited for dinner.

For dinner Robin put his salad in his spaghetti and mixed it all up.

He is hilarious.



Girls of the Wild Frontier said...

Ha ha ah he is so funny! Love the play-by-play! I will have to post my pics on fb from last night!


Kara Pyo said...

haha. he's the best! so glad he made it.