Wednesday, February 23, 2011

take me to yourrr hearrrrrt

Wedding music. Such a big decision.

You want it to be fun, represent you both as a couple, but something that you won't look back on in 20 years and ask yourself "Why did we think Savage Garden's 'Truly Madly Deeply' was a good idea?"

So here I am now, trying to find the perfect song that captures our love.

If anyone reading has been to China in the last 2 years then you know how perfect this song would be... or not...

While the majority of America has never heard of this song, the entire country of China knows every word.

I wish I could bring all my students over to sing it for you. Instead I will leave you with Farkus. He wasn't my student, but he believed that he was going to be my boyfriend. He made an email address with his name and my last name. Cathy actually g-chatted him one time. Kevin had to constantly remind him that I was taken. Ooh young love.

Sing it Farkus Reeves!

Probably not the wedding music of 2011 but this song will always be close to my heart.



chelsie Baldwin said...

love this!!! farkus reeves can be farkus french if he sings to us like that!

Jessica said...


Mia said...

haha,I know this song...When i was in china,my english teacher taught us this song...I love it!!! that was back to 2003!!!