Friday, February 11, 2011

Robin finally feels at home


We took Robin for a real American breakfast.
He even put ketchup on his hash browns. And that wasn't my telling him to do.

After a morning of working and a late lunch at Quizno's (# 11, his choice) we went around town.

First by foot. We walked for a while.
Then got back in the car and drove.
He wanted to see what one dollar would buy him.

And we made a stop at the Hob Lob.

Last Friday we were supposed to attend a Chinese New Year celebration at the church but because of weather it was rescheduled to this Friday night.

There was lots of good authentic food.
Babies bundled up.
I made new friends. This is our American pose.
There was a children's program. They sang in English. It was adorable.
I miss the kids.


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