Saturday, February 19, 2011


I've been sick since Robin left so I haven't been documenting my life.

But I did get to spend some time with this girl.
She came to town to help with Aaron and Teri's adoption fundraiser dinner, but I was too sick they wouldn't let me go. So Cathy stayed with me in my quarantined room.

She stayed the weekend and we caught up on the DVR.

What a sweet friend.

On Saturday we met this one in Tulsa.
She met us at the lodge where we are getting married. It was so great to have Cathy's wedding planning background, and Patsy's creative mind to help envision the place. They pretended to walk down the aisle, Cathy pretended to be 5-foot rounds, they gave insight. They helped a lot!

Later we met this one.
Katelyn is my personal stylist for the day, so she had to see me in my dress! And besides I kind of forgot how I looked and how much I loved it since it had been months since I ordered it!

Good news. I still love it.

It was great getting to spend time with these 3 even though I felt like someone ran me over with a truck.

p.s. this wedding is happening in 99 days. When did the count down get to double digits?


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Anonymous said...

And then you ran into me and I got to see how awesome you look in that pretty white dress!