Thursday, February 24, 2011

follow thursday

My sister-in-law Teri has started a blog! !

Her and my brother Aaron are in the process of adopting a tiny little precious baby from Korea!!!!! So she started a blog to keep everyone up to date with the process.

It's called, get this... "Reeves got Seoul"

Get it. Cause Seoul is the capital of South Korea. And they are the Reeves. So clever.

And you may even see pictures like this on her blog.
That hair. What the heck?
(the mullet looking hair is actually his mother's hair behind him)

So add the Korean baby to your Googler Reader and give them some love.
Maybe if you feel the desir send them some cash... whatever.

And while you are at it add my other sis-in-law Audrey's blog to your google reader
Leave her comments and tell her we want her to post daily, heck I'll even take weekly!
Those kids are adorable trouble!


1 comment:

Jessica said...

Jett's hair is AMAZING!!! I want to try that with Justus's but I don't know if it would stay up like that. Amazing.