Tuesday, April 17, 2012

burgers and noodles

Because Marshall and I both had to work Monday and Tuesday so we only got to see his parents in the evening for dinner.
But they were very good dinners.
Five Guys. Never disappoints. Those guys are our guys. 

And a delicious italian meal. I can never stop eating the free bread.

We loved getting to spend time with them and show them what we love about this hot hot desert. We to feel so blessed to have such an amazing parents who love and support us!

We ate so good for the past week. Now it's back to cereal and sandwiches!



Valerie said...

it seems like there is a lot of free bread to be had in AZ. i want to go to there.

Heidi said...

you're just used to NYC living. where a bowl of chips is $5 an they only give you 4!