Sunday, April 22, 2012

cactus + burritos = arizona

Before we took Megan to the airport we had to do 2 things.
1. Take a picture with a cactus
2. eat a burrito

Lucky for her our neighborhood is full of both!
The cactus picture would have been more authentic if my open car door wasn't in it... and if it was in the middle of the desert.
Cross that off the list.

Next stop.
Giant burritos for cheap. My favorite kind of place.
Marshall actually has cactus in his burrito. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone.

Veggie burrito for our little vegetarian. 

After we dominated our burritos we had to head to the airport.
I hate saying goodbye but I will be seeing her in 3 weeks back in Oklahoma for a friend's wedding!

Thanks for coming to visit us Megan! We had so much fun with you... and I hope Marshall and I didn't drive you too crazy...



Sara Louise said...

I'm totally smiling right now because 1. I love burritos, and miss them terribly because they aren't easy to come by in rural France, and 2. your profile blurb saying 'Walkers Texas Ranger' because it's on TV here every Sunday in French, and every Sunday, after lunch, my father-in-law falls asleep watching it.
Why we have Walker Texas Ranger but no burritos is beyond me :)

Jessica said...

ORIGINAL BURRITO CO!!!! How I miss thee!!! Yum yum yum :)

Ashley said...

aww more fun! you guys look like you had an awesome trip. my first experience with a cactus was petting it...bad idea!!

Meg Henning said...

ok your friend megan first off is totally cool because she has my name as well and all megans are the bomb! second, love her dress and her wedges.

I am Megan said...

Is it just me, or does your husband kinda look like Gotye?